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I have faith that in these days of political world crisis the hour has come near when many will turn away from world politics and will seek a better way of justice, national community and peace among men, turning towards that government which knows no other kingdom than the one that is truly of God.

- Eberhard Arnold
Yesterday's quote

In God, as the central sun of our being, we find the middle point of our inner life, because we recognize in Him the central fire of all creation and of all history and of the history of the end of all things.

- Eberhard Arnold
May 26, 2020

Where Jesus’ influence makes men into real men, their life becomes genuine and pure. It shines into the darkness of the world around and unmasks what is false and untrue—what is trying to hide. But the light which Jesus kindles is not exhausted by just making a situation clear. Cold light has no part in the kingdom of God. What matters is to live in God’s heart and from God’s heart. As with the sun, the brightness of His being is inseparable from life-kindling warmth.

- Eberhard Arnold