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The Church praises Him who became man, who suffered and died and rose again, and overcame the kingdom of the underworld in His descent into hell. He is the strong, the mighty, the undying. He comes himself. He comes to the Church, attended by the armies of His angel princes. Thus heaven is opened for the believers. They hear and see the choir of singing angels. Through the coming of Christ to the Church in the presence of the power of the Spirit, the first historical coming of Christ and His future second coming are confirmed.

- Eberhard Arnold
Yesterday's quote

Without difficulties there is no victory. It is part of every cause of God that is has to go through troubles in order to attain the right maturity and capacity to achieve. Therefore let us stand firmly together in these things, and strengthen and help one another.

- Eberhard Arnold
July 02, 2020

My inner feeling urged me more and more to stand with those who represent social and pacifistic ethics. I recognized more and more clearly that the will of Jesus is stopped by no barriers or walls of public life.

In our latest meetings here in Berlin we were concerned with the question of unreality. What most people call Utopia can become the most real and living thing in a person’s life.

- Eberhard Arnold