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The small world of the individual man must reflect the great world of God’s history. To experience God means to surrender to the goal of His kingdom so that one accepts His judgment of death and believes in His resurrection. The power of the future comes to the believer. Through the active Spirit of the coming Christ he receives already in the present the calling to live for the future.

- Eberhard Arnold
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We want to ask for all men that they may be released from the delusion of self-exultation and of becoming “wonderful” people. We want to ask that they may understand the meaning of history and the significance of the human being in relation to Jesus Christ who is the complete human being. He is the new human being toward whom we may grow because of our belonging to Him. So that out of Him, through Him and in Him, men will become new. This change will begin in the body of Christ, which is the Church.

- Eberhard Arnold
May 31, 2020

The peace of God is the unity and wholeness of His creative spirit, which wants to bring the torn state of man and of the whole world into God’s unity of peace which must be built up anew. Self in man is what hinders the unity of God. When men do good, the peace of God takes the place of divisive evil.

- Eberhard Arnold