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Certainly this relationship, between the divine and the human, lives in all men and especially in all deep and vital men; in a particular way it lives in today’s young people. In Jesus, however, this relationship attained such a unique and decisive power that we can understand why early Christianity recognized Him as the highest type of man and at the same time as the highest revelation of God.

- Eberhard Arnold
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The task that Jesus sets His Church is something completely different from the violent justice of the world state. This task is to hold up in contrast to the justice of violence, brotherly justice, which is the peace of unity and the joy of love.

- Eberhard Arnold
March 31, 2020

No power other than the Holy Spirit of Jesus Christ brings kingly freedom. For only He who is mightier than all other spirits is able to bring the authority and lordship of the Father of Jesus Christ to victory over the enslaving powers of death.

- Eberhard Arnold