Suffering & the Cross


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Jesus experienced the utmost humiliation. From the feed-trough and the manger at his birth to his death on the cross. May we return again to the only thing that counts: to the way of Jesus Christ who was humiliated, tried, and crucified with criminals for our sake. We want to ask God to let us become like Jesus and, like him, to revere the childlike spirit of love and humility.

- Eberhard Arnold

Let us have courage unto death when we call on God. Whoever calls on God calls on the cross of Christ. Whoever calls on God calls on his threefold witness: the witness of the Spirit, the water, and the blood. To be ready is everything. Let us be ready!

- Eberhard Arnold

Even if Christ suffered death a thousand times, if you do not die with him on his cross, he would have died in vain. In vain, that is, in regard to your person. Unless you die with Jesus on the cross in such a way that you are no longer a part of the other atmosphere, like a dead man on whom that atmosphere no longer has any claim, Christ will have died in vain. And unless Christ and the atmosphere of life penetrate your life through the Holy Spirit, you will not win this battle. In the power of the Risen One alone can this battle be won.

- Eberhard Arnold

Additional Reading for Suffering & the Cross

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