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Quick Quotes

This brings us great joy! Here is someone who will sacrifice everything in order to free us and redeem us. This little child is our Savior because he is born to redeem us from our sins. His life and death, the action of his Spirit, proves that he is the Son of the living God. This is the gospel: what was promised through the prophets is the Son who in the flesh is born of the seed of David and whose power is proven as Son in the Spirit.

- Eberhard Arnold

Wherever God is, his kingdom – the final kingdom – draws near. He is the God of peace, whose presence brings freedom from all inner restlessness, all dividedness of heart, and every hostile impulse.… God wants to bestow an indestructible harmony upon our inner life: harmony that shows itself in mighty melodies of love. The energy born of inner gathering empowers. When hearts are gathered, people are gathered. Their industrious work shows that the kingdom of God is justice, peace, and joy in the Holy Spirit.

- Eberhard Arnold

As soon as the bustling activity of our self, which willfully pervades external things, no longer stands in our light and obscures it, we see God directly before our innermost hearts. God proves himself to us as the radiant sun which alone can bring enduring life. He leads on the new day, His day, which judges the darkness of the life of self, and seeks to redeem each individual to the light and unite all under His sway.

- Eberhard Arnold

Additional Reading for Redemption

God’s Revolution
Are you tired of answers that ignore the root causes of human suffering? This topically arranged selection of writings by Eberhard Arnold, who left a career and the established church in order to live out the Gospel, calls us to a completely different way.
Children’s Education in Community
A collection of writings by Eberhard Arnold on children’s education in Christian community. Arnold’s insights, while firmly grounded in biblical study, also engage the ideas of leading educational reformers of his day, and draw on the practical experience of his own community, the Bruderhof.
Inner Land: The Conscience
When troubled consciences find healing they become a force for good.
Inner Land: Experiencing God
What happens when we let the living God into our practical lives?