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As in the whole of nature, God breaks into the history of men in mighty power whenever terrifying horrors shake humanity. Empires and world powers are the instruments of the force of wrath whenever God’s greatness strikes the nations to earth. All nations of the world must be brought to the point where they fall at the feet of the God of all worlds.

- Eberhard Arnold
Yesterday's quote

Faith is confronted by God’s greatness as something so inviolable that man’s petty power cannot possibly touch God. No human power that strives to unite with God can lead to this goal. In a life which is active in public, faith expresses itself in helpful actions of love; this is brought about by God. In this new action of man, it is God who loves and acts.

- Eberhard Arnold
July 05, 2020

Whoever accepts God in Jesus, whoever receives in Him God’s forgiveness and God’s working, embraces God himself directly. God is contained in the faith of the heart. For God himself has gripped the heart. God never divides himself, however, when He imparts himself. He gives himself wholly. The keen awareness of one’s own nothingness, of one’s divided and sinful state—this awareness, which is truthfulness, makes it possible to receive the One who is infinitely different and eternally indivisible.

- Eberhard Arnold