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As long as we withdraw from the completeness of the whole, as long as we in a small-minded way put what is individual and isolated in the foreground, we are torn by untruthfulness and confusion. We are in conflict. We lose ourselves in superficialities. We persist in folly. We remain in death.

- Eberhard Arnold
August 03,2021

The experience of God is the love that conquers all opposition. It is the strength of the new creation. It is the spirit of God’s coming dominion. It is the unique element of the new structure. It is the herald of the new time. It is the organic power of unity. It is the building up of the new humanity. In the Church of Jesus Christ, God is experienced. In the Church of complete love, God’s Spirit brings Christ’s kingdom of perfect justice to the earth. The experience of God means the rulership of God in the Church of Jesus Christ.

- Eberhard Arnold
August 02,2021

Peace is born when the body of justice is brought to the light. The Church of Jesus Christ is the organism of this body in justice, peace and joy of the Spirit. At the given time justice shall arise. With the rising of the sun the day of great peace breaks. In Jesus the day has dawned. It comes anew in Christ. Peace is guaranteed when justice arises resplendent.

- Eberhard Arnold