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Because the believer has himself recognized, in the word of truth and in the life and deeds and death of Jesus, that holiness in which the love of God is dwelling, he is constantly aware of what separates and divides men from this unity which is the only source of life. He must thank God anew for the certainty that his sin is taken away and forgiven by God himself. He is one with God and His Church through the victory of Jesus over the evil deeds of the demonic powers of self. He goes to meet God in complete confidence.

- Eberhard Arnold
April 17,2021

Anyone who suffers from a lack of love must seek the renewing of his life in the deepest faith of the Church and in the power of the Holy Spirit. Only then will he be able to remain firm in the love of God. For his whole life will be turned in holy expectation toward the heart of Jesus and His coming eternity.

- Eberhard Arnold
April 16,2021

The center of this new people is the new fire of the new Church; once more there arises around it the dwelling-place of its community. Around the radiant fire of the Holy Spirit its spiritual temple is built up as a tangible house of God. It is the City on the Hill, whose light shines into all lands. Its place of worship burns in spirit; it shines in truth.

- Eberhard Arnold