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The fullness of God cannot endure any private life of self, however pious. He who toils to keep himself and his salvation and inner life afloat is still occupied with himself and has no strength for loving. But he who has been saved from the death-bringing, isolated life of self takes part in the all-embracing life power of God’s unity, and will give this power to his deliverer as love which goes out to all. In this unity, then, all who will accept the Word in Jesus will be set free.

- Eberhard Arnold
May 17,2022

Keep your courage and hold fast to the holy expectation! The faith and the love of Jesus Christ will give you the great thoughts which are worthy of this hour. The more evil the hour, the greater it becomes for the Gospel and for the task of the Church. Do not be alarmed! God is greater than our hearts. The believing heart can embrace greater things than the whole world can imagine. Surrender every single thing into the whole! Let the great things rule over all small things!

- Eberhard Arnold
May 16,2022

The love to Jesus, this burning personal love to God who has made himself known to us, is and remains the witness to the unity of all-embracing life. This love as the deepest and most heartfelt personal relationship finds its living expression in calling upon the One it loves. The truth and force of this love, however, lies in the decisive fact that it is God, really God, whom it meets in Christ. One who really believes in God as He is and works, will be urged again and again to communicate with Him.

- Eberhard Arnold