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Whoever receives the Holy Spirit receives his power. Whoever tastes his joy and the peace of his unity lives in full expectation of God’s future, because the power of the Holy Spirit is in him. Through this Spirit the church grows strong in the person who loves, because it receives the riches of God’s majesty as the radiance from his ruling throne.

- Eberhard Arnold
October 04,2022

Let us ask God that he may kindle the holy light in our hearts anew through the descending flame of his Holy Spirit. Let us ask him to fit us into his great future, into his kingdom. We ask for the powers of God’s great future to come to us so that we are can live accordingly and spread this message to all people. Then, in the midst of the old nature but having no part in its sinfulness and degradation, our whole life, day and night, will be a witness to the new creation.

- Eberhard Arnold
October 03,2022

We need to be quiet so we can hear his voice and see his light. Then we shall experience something wonderful. We shall find that Jesus Christ is the same in times gone by, in modern times, and in the time to come of his future kingdom. We shall find that he is the same for all, that he has the same will, the same way, the same truth and the same love, for all. And we shall learn that the voice of the Holy Spirit says the same in us all.

- Eberhard Arnold