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God went out from himself. He has truly revealed himself in His Word, in the creation which came to pass through His Word, in the incarnation of His Word, and in His Spirit of truth and unity. God has opened His heart. He has come forth from himself. He has turned toward us. He has revealed His thoughts to us. He has revealed His essence and His will to us. We little, weak beings are the object of His concern.

- Eberhard Arnold
August 09,2022

Through unity with the eternal powers we must gain the strength of character to be tested in the stream of the world, the strength which alone can cope with the demands of the age. Not escape, but concentration for the attack, is the watch word.

- Eberhard Arnold
August 08,2022

The all-embracing Spirit is the unity of all freed spirits. He effects the freedom of the soul’s powers, which now flow toward one another, without remaining dependent on sympathy or antipathy, on the states of the body. The Spirit dominates the uniting of men, and takes into His sphere all material goods. Where freedom, purity and the love of God reign; where Christ lives in the individuals; where His Spirit unfolds all gifts and powers, there grows a living unity which can only be seen as one body.

- Eberhard Arnold