The Highest Calling

Every human being, whether married or unmarried, is called to the highest calling, to that life of love which gives everything – without ever losing itself.

In reality, every human being, whether married or unmarried, is placed before the same question at important moments of decision. In reality, we all live in a certain asceticism, which we have found to be the all-embracing, life-affirming love of God. More and more this asceticism says “No” to possessive desire. It has made a final separation from the sexual domain. Its decision is for the one pure life of divine love into which the Holy Spirit alone is able to submerge us. Here all our living together is flooded with white light. Hand in hand in pure joy, boys and girls, men and women, stand before the great gate which heaven has opened to them upon earth. They lead one another to their highest calling, to that life of love which gives away all possessions and strength without ever losing itself.

We should not be surprised that such a pure communion in crystal-clear, wholehearted affection is so often believed to be impossible, for the love life of many knows only the impulses of physical desire. Certainly, even in the ugliest sensual desire a divine spark of love’s higher powers lies hidden. However, where the covetous will defines our love life, thought life, and deepest hidden longings, love continues to be ruled by the animal and demonic realms of our being. In this condition no one can attain the heights of true humanity and fresh youthfulness to which every human being, without exception, is called. In these lowlands, the emotional life proves incapable of allowing love to mature to faithfulness, which alone can be the fulfilment of a fellowship of love.

The highest and ultimate love, poured out over us as eternal power, wants to penetrate and affirm our physical powers of love. This love cannot tolerate our enslavement by animal sensuality. It does not want us to be dependent on the state of the body. It wants to lift us into the highest spheres of divine freedom and divine purity, out of which and toward which moves all that is living.

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Article edited for length and clarity.